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Battling Scottsdale’s Summer Temperatures with HVAC Insulation

Apr 10, 2024blog0 comments

Battling Scottsdale’s Summer Temperatures with HVAC Insulation


The state of Arizona keeps getting hotter summer after summer, and the rising temperature is projected to increase in coming years. Around the 1990s, the average temperature in Scottsdale reached above 109.3ºF for around 7 days a year. Forecasts state that by 2050, the number of days when such a temp might be reached is expected to increase to 47 days.

With the steady but certain rise in temperatures, citizens in the area are constantly searching for cost-effective HVAC solutions for their homes. Scottsdale’s air conditioning companies offer plenty of turnkey devices that aim to accommodate residences; however, maintaining a cool temperature can sometimes come with a high utility bill. 


What is Thermal Insulation? 


Thermal insulation is the process of upgrading the walls of an interior space to improve ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. When your home’s walls are thermally insulated, the cold air coming out from your air conditioner will stay within the space, rather than escape. The solution ultimately reduces heat transfer between indoor and outdoor spaces.

This means that the amount of electricity used to contribute to your home’s cool and cozy summer feel will be significantly lower. The solution might initially require a lofty budget, but it will save you money in the long run. 


Key Locations to Thermally Insulate in Your Home


There are a couple of areas within your home that are more likely to gain heat over the summer. By properly insulating those areas, achieving a cool space in your home can happen, contributing to your desired temperature. Let’s take a look at some of these areas:


  • Walls: Insulate all exterior walls, including the ones between your living spaces and unheated garages or storage areas. 
  • Ceilings: During summers, the highest points of your home are the most affected by the heat, given that the sun shines downwards directly towards your roof. Insulating your ceilings allows the cold air from your AC to travel upward and stay entrapped within the upper space.
  • Attic: Homes that include an attic space pose a challenge when it comes to thermal insulation, as the temperatures could transfer downstairs, given the large surface area. Up to 20% of savings in heating and cooling can be expected if your attic is properly insulated.
  • Floors: If your home is on an elevated surface, it is likely that your floors catch some heat. Insulating your floors properly  allows for cool, comfortable temperatures in the lower areas of your space. 
  • Openings: All of your home’s openings that connect it with the outside should be hermetically sealed. To separate the warm outdoor air from the cold air coming out of your air conditioner, ensure that your doors and windows don’t contain any gaps.

Legendary Energy LLC: Scottsdale’s Premium Air Conditioning Company


If you want to ensure a chilly, cozy home throughout the flaming hot summers to come, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of Scottsdale air conditioning companies in the area that offer affordable air conditioners, but Legendary Energy LLC is your #1 partner. 

If you would like an all-inclusive HVAC solution for your home accompanied by low electricity bills, thermal insulation is your best choice. Give us a call and get a quote now, to remain worry-free throughout the sunny seasons. 

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